Manage gambling budget successfully

We assume that as a freshman you tried to dive headfirst into the online gambling waters – without first working out a budget plan. Well, you probably jumped in the cold water! Your more experienced colleagues, who have been in the online casino world for some time now, will tell you how important it is to set up a game budget and successfully manage it. So, read the guide through – so you can have fun turning the roles of the most popular online slots.

Calculated gambling budget provides control
Fact is – managing a gambling budget successfully allows you to stay in control of the finances. Control your gambling habits, control your spending and thus control your finances. Specifically, once you set a certain amount of money you use for gambling, you can track the following:

Your financial situation, which can be adjusted if necessary
All bills, if any, must be paid before playing online slots
Gambling and spending patterns that you can also change and / or reduce if you find that your spending is higher than your specified budget
In addition to setting up a general game budget – for example, on a weekly or monthly basis – you can also set a maximum deposit limit daily. Some casinos let you do it on your own; in other cases, you will probably need to contact Customer Support for a daily deposit limit.

Either way, you can take control of your game budget – so why not? Take Advantage of the Casinos – Always Read the Areas About Player Protection, Responsible Gaming and Terms and Conditions.

Setting limits is a must in the world of online gambling
Besides the continuous control over the game budget, you should also follow some other rules. The golden rule is: do not lend money from anyone! The situation can escalate if you lose the borrowed credit! So, caution is announced!

Make sure you set limits on your playing habits and stay true to them. If you think you can not control yourself, there are extremely handy and simple options available in all online casinos. You can limit your gambling hours and even lock you out if you feel like you can not stop.

These timeouts can range from 24 hours to a month, while the extreme variant of this method is self-exclusion, where a gambling provider excludes you from gambling for a period of time – from six months to about five years!

Make sure you set limits on your playing habits and stay true to them.
One more rule to follow: Avoid drinking while playing. Sure, casinos and cool drinks are great, but it would be best to keep a cool head while using your hard-earned cash. Since you visit an online casino, there are no free drinks, so no temptation. Take advantage of the advantageous position smart and turn the rollers sober and clear.

Do not play casino games that you can not win. A lot of money can be lost by playing games that you do not understand, so stay in the niche you know well and you’ll have a fun time.

Last check before you spin the reels: Did you set the game budget? Set limits? Any useful online casino information read? If everything is in the green, then we wish you a lot of fun!

The Benefits of Online Casino Apps

It could not be more convenient: online casinos have become even more accessible to players thanks to their mobile versions. Why not? Mobile casinos have become very popular in recent years. And the trend – rises! It’s really not that hard to understand why. The truth is that they offer everything a state-of-the-art online casino has to offer and give players an added bonus: Mobile Casino is so convenient! With the special mobile casino apps, players get a comprehensive and impressive gaming experience, directly via mobile phone! This is a real blast for all lovers of online slots and online casinos.

Mobile Casino in Germany
Just a few years ago, mobile casinos could not really compete with their online counterparts. They were sort of Spartan in structure and offered only a handful of options compared to their interactive desktop versions. Online slots were pretty simple – in terms of design and the sparse number of special features. Free Spins on a Mobile Slot? Impossible!

How is it today? The popularity level of the Real Money Casino Apps in Germany has greatly increased! With advances in the iGaming industry, mobile casinos have moved into the front row. Mobile casinos are now as complex as online casinos – with a huge range of mobile slots – which also work flawlessly like the online slots. Casino bonus? No longer reserved for online casinos only! Everything you can do in an online casino, you can also in a mobile casino! So, mobile phone in the hands and with a lot of flair to turn the roles!

Mobile casinos are just as complex today as their online counterparts.
Plus, you do not have to stay home if you fancy online gambling. Your smartphone is now your personal access to the popular mobile casino. So, as long as your phone or tablet is by your side, there are also numerous mobile casinos with their extensive selection of mobile gaming machines.

Real money casino apps go one step further
More and more casinos know how important convenience is for the players. With great enthusiasm, casinos are developing their own state-of-the-art casino apps that give them easy access to their casino with one click. Fast, easy and totally exciting.

More and more casinos are striving to develop their own state-of-the-art casino apps for added convenience.
How does a mobile casino work? All you need to do is download the casino’s Android app or iOS app, depending on the phone’s operating system, and you’re ready to go. With a casino app on your phone, you can play mobile slots, play online casino bonuses, and reach the casino’s customer service team no matter where you are.

All you have to do is download the Android app or the iOS app of the popular casino and the mobile slot machine is ready for the next spin.
Although not every single online casino in which you want to play offers a casino app, there is a chance that many are already working on the mobile option. Our advice is to keep an eye on it – the app could be on your smartphone sooner than you think!

Do you already have a casino app on your phone? Do you have the feeling of being closer to the online and mobile gambling world? Which casino app is your favorite?

Discover the mobile casinos, here on our page and get yourself – Casino on the go! We hope you enjoy the discovery tour.

Play online slots with real money or for fun

In the world of online gambling, new online slots are being launched almost daily on a worldwide basis – all featuring great graphics and numerous features to create an exciting gaming experience. Accordingly, the question is often asked – whether one should turn the roles of slot machines with real money, without trying it in fun mode. Some believe that the game should be played for fun first – before the hard earned money is spent. Others, however, are convinced that online slots without real money use minimizes the fun factor. So, what should you do?

Start in fun mode
One thing is clear: nothing is wrong with playing online slots for free, before turning the reels into real money. Online casinos allow players to test popular slots for free. Such offers are used to reduce inhibitions in new players and to get acquainted with the slot machines without risk.

Online casinos allow players to test the popular slots for free and risk-free, so inhibitions on new players are reduced.
In this fun mode, players can learn first-hand what free spins look like, how to win bonus rounds, and how scatter symbols and special features can increase your chances of winning. It’s exciting to explore the slot to get a big picture of the game from the Big Picture dimension. What is Max Bet, how do the reels spin when you hit the spin button, how many paylines are there in the game and how can you adjust the coin value … The fun mode gives the player all the relevant information they need can play with real money with a lot of confidence and can win big prizes.

Do not be afraid to play slots with real money
Still, newcomers to the world of online gambling should not be afraid of the real money game. The fact is, the best way to immerse yourself in the wonderful iGaming world is by playing for real money. Only then can you really understand how the gambling industry works and feels – if, with luck, you can make big profits.

The fact is, the best way to immerse yourself in the wonderful iGaming world is by playing for real money.
This is something Fun Mode can not offer you. You are aware from the beginning that you are not spending real money (and thus can not win anything). And, the rolling reels become boring after some time, because no real cash gains are landed.

Beginner luck and jackpots
If you win in real game mode, that’s a whole different story. Jackpot is no longer just a foreign word. With real bets you can crack real money profits. Have you heard of the beginner’s luck?

Whether you hunt the big jackpot, or just play for fun – the new online slots from the leading software vendors are so interesting and exciting that you just can not let go of the reels. Have fun with the next slot adventure!

7 animals that bring good luck worldwide

Almost daily we say “good luck”, “he is a lucky guy” or “wish me luck”; Nevertheless, there are people who do not believe in happiness as such. They think that everything that happens in our daily lives is just coincidental events – and everything else is pure superstition! However, the fact is that there are many different rituals around happiness around the world that are often related to animals. It is believed that some animals are lucky – and bring good luck to people. Join us on a journey around the globe and learn about the best-known animal lucky charms from different cultures. Suitcases are already packed? Here we go!

In ancient cultures, rabbits were considered lucky symbols as they were linked to fertility and prosperity. In some parts of northern Europe, toddlers were given white rabbits as a gift to lead a successful and happy life.

The famous rabbit paw has been around since 600 BC. Chr. As good luck charm. Faith in the rabbit’s paw is spread worldwide – from Europe to China, Africa and even America. Unfortunately we can not offer you a Bunny Paw, but we can definitely make you one of the most popular Bunny Slots – White Rabbit Slot by Big Time Gaming!

Now we introduce the goldfish to you! That he brings luck, that was attributed to the sweet fish 1,000 years ago in China. Because of the beautiful golden yellow color, it symbolizes wealth. In ancient Greece, it was believed that the goldfish provided for a long marriage. This animal is one of the eight sacred symbols of Buddha, which brings fertility, wealth and harmony.

Goldfish can also fulfill wishes when they are caught. Well, you should not underestimate this animal! When it comes to online slots, Yggdrasil Gaming’s Golden Fish Tank Slot can be your lucky charm!

Fertility and Prosperity: Frogs bring good luck worldwide. In China, sculptures in the shape of a toad sitting on coins have a special place in the house. This will provide for blessing and harmony.

Apart from wealth, the frog is also a symbol of fertility and safe travel. Our lucky contribution to this topic? NetEnts famous Super Lucky Frog Slot!

Here is another famous lucky animal: the elephant. Blessed elephants are revered in Asia for their strength and wisdom. In Hinduism, the god Ganesha is depicted with an elephant head and is supposed to bring happiness, love and success to people.

Did you know that the Buddha should have lived as a human – as a white elephant before being born again? For this reason, in Buddhism, the elephants are worshiped so idolatrous. Even pink-colored elephants can bring good luck – in the entertaining Pink Elephants Slot by Thunderkick!

Ah yes, the cats. Not only were they considered sacred in ancient Egypt, cats are signs of happiness in many cultures. Do you know the famous Japanese white cat figure called Maneki Neko? The waving cat is a real lucky charm in Japan and brings the owner a lot of luck.

In Germany, the tricolor cat is considered a messenger of luck, because it is so rare. The most popular is the orange, black and white spotted cat that is supposed to protect the house from fire. So that “no cat is bought in a poke”, try your luck with the Big Win Cat Slot by Play’n GO!

Beetle and ladybugs
Beetles are small, but bring luck: scarab-shaped amulets were very popular in ancient Egypt, as it was believed that the scarabs were associated with the sun god Ra and his divine powers. The scarab was considered a lucky charm because it symbolized life and the resurrection.

Another type of beetle, the ladybug, is said to bring good luck in different countries, but above all in Germany. The red beetle with black dots was named after the holy Maria. Lucky beetles, which are most widespread in Germany, usually have 7 points. The number 7 is considered a lucky number, not only in Germanic mythology. It is also attributed to the ladybug that it heals the sick and protects children. So much luck is in such a small beetle! While we are dealing with the topic of lucky beetles, here is also our Slotvorschlag: Beetle Jewels Slot of iSoftBet.

The most famous lucky charm in the world is the pig. Everyone in Germany knows the saying, “pig!” And means that someone was really lucky. Meanwhile, this phrase is included in the German vocabulary.

In addition, since the Middle Ages pigs have been considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Can you just imagine how many piggy banks there are worldwide? With the lucky pig and a matching slot – NetEnt’s legendary Piggy Riches Slot – we end this blog.

Which animals bring you luck?
Is the ladybird your lucky charm? Or do you tend to white elephants and tricolor cats? No matter which animal has conquered your heart – the main thing it brings you luck!

Women have changed the gambling world

Dear ladies, we wish you a wonderful women’s day! International Women’s Day has been celebrated for more than 100 years on 8 March. The focus is on the role of women in society and equal rights. That’s why we want to introduce you to important women who have a great influence on the gambling industry. Take a cool tour through the history of gambling with us, from a different perspective – impressive women have also changed and conquered the gambling world!

Women and gambling in ancient times
The adventurous history of gambling began about 4,500 years ago in ancient Egypt. In ancient times, dice games were played passionately. Over time, people have always developed new types of gambling to increase the fun. However, not everyone could play. Men and women did not have the same rights in antiquity, even when it came to gambling. In ancient Rome, women were allowed to play only during the women’s festival Bona Dea, while men could play at home and in public whenever they wanted.

In ancient Rome, women were only allowed to try and play their luck during the women’s festival of Bona Dea, while men could play anytime, anywhere.
Fortunately, the famous Emperor Nero changed this, so women could participate in public gaming and sporting events. Thank the gods!

The infamous Faro ladies
Now we skip for several centuries and visit the 18th century, where in Europe, playing in public was totally unacceptable to aristocratic ladies. While men were allowed to play in the clubs, women who participated in games had to do so in the privacy of their homes. So a group of women became famous who played Faro, once a very popular card game that was banned in many countries. Interestingly, Faro is very similar to the card game My Auntie Aunt.

A group of women who played Faro became very famous because of the popular card game, although Faro was banned in many countries.
The most notorious Faro ladies were Mrs. Albinia Hobart (later Lady Buckinghamshire), Lady Sarah Archer, Mrs. Sturt, Mrs. Concannon and Lady Elizabeth Luttrell.

Poker ladies of the Wild West
Let’s focus a bit on the good old Wild West. If you think of poker rooms in the dusty saloons, you might think of a group of cowboys playing the most popular card game with a poker face – poker.

However, everyday life was totally different: women have played as often as men! Damn, some poker ladies were notorious like the famous Wild West players – Poker Alice, Kitty Leroy, Lottie Deno and Maria Gertrudi’s “Tules” Barceló, just to name a few.

Probably the most popular Wild West player was Poker Alice. Her real name was Alice Ivers and she played all over the West – from New Mexico and Arizona to Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas and South Dakota.

Thanks to Poker Alice’s famous poker face, she often won $ 6,000 in one night!
Poker Alice pulled a lot of male players over the table and thanks to her expressionless face – or poker face – she had an advantage that often made her win up to $ 6,000 in one night. Poker Alice had three husbands, a revolver and her very own saloon! Lonely tip!

Female poker pros
Speaking of poker, 1977 is a milestone for women in gambling history. This year saw the very first Women’s World Cup (WSOP). The most famous and successful female poker player in the world should be mentioned in this post:

• Vanessa Selbst, the only woman to number one in the Global Poker Index.

• Kathy Liebert, who won the first Party Poker Million tournament in 2002.

• Annette Obrestad, the youngest person ever to win a World Series of Poker bracelet (2007 World Series of Poker Europe).

• Vanessa Rousso, aka Lady Maverick, who has been making money as a professional poker player since 2005.

A look into the future: women are changing the gambling industry
The female gambling community is constantly growing, with the percentage of women visiting online casinos increasing year by year. Almost 50% of the players are women! All attention! As far as leading positions in the gambling industry are concerned, there are still not as many women as men, but here are a few names that you should be aware of:

• Patricia Becker, the first female counselor to join the International Association of Gambling Consultants, with over 35 years of gambling experience specializing in complaints and regulatory issues;

• Virginia McDowell, the sole president and CEO of a major gambling company from 2007 until her retirement.

International Happy Women’s Day!
In order to fully enjoy the International Women’s Day, we are ending our journey through gambling history. Hats off to all women!

The psychology of online casino gambling

Ah yes, the game of chance. It’s all about luck and big profits. Thrill and thrill drive people into the gambling world for centuries. Why do some people enjoy more in gambling, others less? There are also those who have a lack of self-control and are unable to stop themselves. Why is that? The perception of man in terms of gambling is as individual as man himself. Is the hunt for the big money so irresistible that some players lose ground under their feet? And how can it be that some people have no interest in gambling at all? These and many other gambling-related issues have been asked again and again in recent years. That’s why we’ll take a quick look at the psychology of online gambling.

Online gambling seen from different perspectives
First of all, why do some people consider online gambling and gambling in general as a form of negative behavior? It’s pretty easy to answer that question. It is generally accepted that people who enjoy playing games are brought together with bad habits, so they are risk-takers in other areas of life as well. Is that really generalizable? Nonetheless, it is scientifically proven that humans are a creature of habit and, as far as possible, live in risk-free situations. So, take no chances! From this dimension, it is completely understandable that those who have an everyday (and safe) routine – do not want to embark on an unknown terrain like online gambling. The motto is: play it safe!

It is believed that people who enjoy playing games are associated with bad habits, so they are risk-takers in other areas of life as well.
On the other hand, there are those who think that gambling is a mere source of pleasure. Such people are regarded as delectable people who enjoy life and only visit online casinos, as well as restaurants, theaters or cinemas. They occasionally spin the roles of online slots to try their luck and just enjoy it. Such people have a great deal of self-control and instinctively know when to stop the game.

Set limits vs. happiness
Being happy is one of the most beautiful sensations: in the brain, serotonin and dopamine are released when we have something nice to experience. We feel incredibly good when we’ve done a good job, dared a bungee jump, or just made new surprising acquaintances. Such feelings of happiness also occur when you land a hit in the online casino. And if you play responsibly, there is no risk of risk behavior.

However, there are players who can not set limits and believe that the jackpot just around the corner is waiting for them and will be broken. These people have become accustomed to the dopamine kick and tend to repeat those feelings of happiness – by rolling the reels again. Such behavior can lead to the development of gambling addiction.

Responsible gambling
In this sense, playing online slots and other games should bring good and exciting entertainment, but you should not lose sight of reality. Sometimes it’s hard and quite challenging to keep a firm grip on the reins, but responsible gaming is an absolute must. As a result, review our blog titled Gambling Budget to help you take control of your finances.

Today, online casinos focus on responsible gambling by providing professional support to players who need it so they can continue to enjoy rolling!

4 gambling trends that will shape the future of online casinos

We all agree that technology is shaping and constantly changing our way of life. The way we perceive and understand the world around us is conditioned by technology. The constant change is also reflected in the gambling industry and online casinos. With innovation and technological development, our opportunities and expectations are also increasing. Lately, we’ve seen many innovations in the online gambling world, but let’s take a quick look at which four trends we think will best shape the future of online casinos. Ready for the future?

Improvement of mobile casinos
So, mobile casinos are definitely a must in the online casino industry. According to a study, the revenue of mobile games in 2016, those of console and PC games massively exceeded. To put it in figures, Mobile Gaming earned $ 36.9 billion, compared to $ 31.9 billion for PC games and $ 29 billion for consoles.

Spectacular: revenue from mobile games in 2016 surpassed that of console and PC games.
Of course, there is no way back. The smartphones are getting smarter, the graphics are getting better and better and the design for smaller screens is getting more and more demanding. Our prediction: The future of mobile gaming will continue to flourish as the mobile phone has become an inseparable part of everyday life.

Tour of Virtual Reality
Yes, we’ve talked about virtual reality games before, but it’s a trend that has had a great start in recent years and is still in the prime time line. So far, the introduction of VR headsets such as Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and Playstation VR has helped bring virtual reality games and casinos to gamers in the gambling world.

Granted, there are still technical difficulties that VR developers face on a daily basis – for example, improving graphics, which is significantly worse quality in virtual casinos, compared to those of online casinos and mobile casinos. However, the forecasts are extremely confident and VR casinos are fast becoming the standard in the iGaming world. If you fancy VR slots, check out SlotsMillion Casino’s in-house Virtual Reality Casino – it’s already live. Just grab your Oculus Rift glasses and have fun! Even very good fun!

Updated rules, regulations and laws
Well, this trend is not really technology based, but you will agree that it has undoubtedly been seriously affected in the past, and will continue to do so. As regulators always new – and stricter! – Introduce rules, online casinos and software vendors need to learn to adapt and find ways to stick to them without losing their innovation and creativity.

Rise of cryptocurrencies
And finally, cryptocurrencies. Everyone talks about them, everyone wants to have them or trade with them, and the world of online gambling is, frankly, the ideal place where cryptocurrencies prosper. In addition, bitcoins are no longer the only cryptocurrency the world knows. Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple and Dogecoin are just some of the rising stars that have followed bitcoins to cryptocurrency fame.

When it comes to bitcoins specifically, there is an ever-increasing number of online casinos that accept bitcoins in addition to normal currencies, so the cryptocurrency puts gambling fans in a very bright future. Just pick a Bitcoin Casino and play the popular slots with cryptocurrencies. Good luck!

There are trends that we certainly did not mention in this post. Do not worry, they are waiting for the perfect moment, so they are likely to change and determine the future of gambling. So stay tuned!

Top 5 spring slots for ultimate gameplay

Finally, we can enjoy in the best season to the fullest. Is not that great? Colorful colors and endless green as far as the eye can see, mixed with beautiful weather – yes, that’s a perfect spring atmosphere! What else do you need? A lounger for sunbathing, a list of the best spring slots and a bit of luck – so that the ultimate jackpots are cracked. Lean back and immerse yourself in the breathtaking world of online slot machines. Introducing 5 online slots from leading software vendors you’ll love:

Flowers Slot by NetEnt
Rolling Roger Slot by Habanero
Enchanted Meadow Slot by Play’n GO
Venetian Rose Slot by Microgaming
In Bloom Slot by IGT
Flowers Slot by NetEnt
The Flowers Slot provides flower-power: NetEnt’s famous online slot machine has plenty of flowers, sun and clouds waiting to be shot. The colorful symbols can also appear as double symbols on the reels.

The sun is the wild symbol that makes the biggest profits – up to 5,000 coins. The clouds provide a whirlwind of fun and free spins!

Rolling Roger Slot by Habanero
Habanero delivers great online slots and the Rolling Roger slot is no exception. This online slot machine is so cute that you just have to play it. The charming blue title character actually rolls over the slots to get more winnings for the player.

When Rolling Roger accidentally rolls over wild symbol, the numbers of all symbols are increased by one. Also in this game 5,000 coins can be won – if you land all sorts of wild symbols at once on the reels. Not bad, right?

Enchanted Meadow Slot by Play’n GO
Imagine a meadow full of flowers and magical fairies … So, you’re on your way to discover the magical world of Enchanted Meadow Slots! Play’n GO’s online slot guarantees an excursion into the beautiful forest – and big profits await you there. Cool features make this slot irresistible.

You can be rewarded with up to 50 free spins. Hungry for even more rewards? Can you have – if you find the fairies that are hidden in the game.

Venetian Rose Slot by Microgaming
Where would you most like to spend the spring holiday? In Venice, sure! The fact is, the city looks exceptionally beautiful on the water in the spring, and that’s why Microgaming’s Venetian Rose Slot has a place of honor in our list of the best spring slots.

Lots of free spins are waiting for you, as well as the chance to win up to 3,000 coins. The journey to Venice starts now!

In Bloom Slot
Last, but not least, we present IGT’s In Bloom Slot, which can best be described as a smart mix of Impressionist paintings and spring flowers. What you are more interested in is the fact that you can choose your own selection of free spins during the free spins round!

Once you hit the bonus game, you can choose between Poppy Garden, Rose Garden, Calla Lily Garden and Water Lily Garden, each with its own number of free spins. A good dose of free spins! All attention!

The top 5 spring slots that bring good mood into your life
Now it’s your turn: Which online slot makes the race? Everyone is so irresistible! Our suggestion – try all slot machines from the top 5 spring slots! We wish you a lot of fun!

Long-running: Why fruit slots are so popular?

The online gambling industry is constantly changing, so originality and innovation are always welcome. But when it comes to the design and theme of online slots, most game developers play it safe rather than fumbling in the dark. Fruit Slots have been around for a long time, and it seems they have not lost a bit of their magic. Why do fruit slots in the world of online slots be so much fun and what’s behind their continued popularity? Apple, banana, strawberry … We reveal all the secrets about fruit slots and why we love them so much.

The invention of fruit slots
There are many theories about the invention of slot machines and it is hotly speculated who was first. It is believed that Charles Fay, an American inventor of German origin, invented the first slot machine in 1887. He was very easy to play and understand – the one-armed bandit had 3 reels, a payline and only 5 symbols: Diamond, Spades, Heart, Diamonds and the Liberty Bell – Liberty Bell.

The first fruit slot machines were launched in the US at the beginning of the 20th century.
At that time, it was illegal to play for real money, so the earliest winnings were spent in the form of chewing gum with different flavors, with the winning symbols displayed on the reels. Some of the most popular slots were cherry and melon.

The psychology of colors
The fruits were so popular right from the start that Mills Novelty Company had a logo with fruits branded on their machines – thus brand recognition was catapulted and Fruits slots became worldwide famous in no time.

But could there be a deeper psychological explanation behind the continuing popularity of fruit slot machines? It is well known that people react to colors. Depending on your mood, choose light or dark colors.

Spin the Rolls: Why Do Fruit Slots Fun?
What does this have to do with fruit slots? Well, fruits that appear in slots are represented as they exist in the real world. Lemon is yellow, strawberries are red, oranges are orange. These are all cheerful colors that send positive and happy messages to our brains when we look at them.

Milestone: The first electro-mechanical fruit slot machine “Money Honey” was developed by Bally in 1963.
There’s another reason why we love fruit slots so much – people love food and food is more than just a primary human need. It is a harmonious ceremony, a pleasure and a reason more – to spend more time with the family. So, everything has a connection.

In 1963, Bally developed the first electronic fruit slot machine called Money Honey. Overnight, the fruit slot machine became known worldwide – everyone was hungry for melons, lemons, oranges and cherries. And today it’s still the same: fruit slot machines look as appealing as they did when they were invented.

Fruity classic for all
Online casinos like to offer fruit slot machines in their selection of games. Reason? They love to please their players, and players love to play Fruit Slots. It’s a perfect combination of good conversation and potentially great winnings. Among thousands of games that hit the market daily, the fruity classic never disappoints. And which slots are the most popular? Fruit Case Slot and Go Bananas! Slot, both from NetEnt, and Fruit Zen Slot from Betsoft, which you can try out at Slotsmillion Casino.

Let’s face it, when you see three cherries or bananas, you start to smile. This feeling of happiness, which could be linked to your childhood or another happy thought, is hard to ignore. As a result, it’s time to spin the rolls of fruit slots – fitting for the spring season.

Will AI influence online gambling?

Not so long ago, humanity witnessed a new age, a civilization focused on machine learning and artificial intelligence. Shortly after her awakening, the AI (artificial intelligence) succeeded in breaking the chains of scientific laboratories, becoming a household name to the majority of the population. In recent years, artificial intelligence has prevailed in all areas of modern society, including online casinos and the online gambling industry. Well, the big question is whether AI will have an impact on online gambling.

The rise of AI
You may not be aware of this, but AI has been around for a while. You may wonder what AI is. There are four key words that best and simplest define artificial intelligence: complex tasks, learning ability, emotionalization, and social interaction. This further implies that AI is expected to find solutions to complex logical and practical problems, and all that to help people make their lives easier.

Imagine Artificial Intelligence as your new best friend.
According to them, intelligent machines, such as robots or computers, are expected to be capable of learning how to behave responsively to unpredictable behavior, interacting with people’s emotions in an interactive manner.

AI in online slot machines
When the AI hit, it was clear that the online gambling industry would change as well. In the digital era, the application of artificial intelligence is in the foreground, even when it comes to online casinos and online slot machines.

The big difference, however, lies in the application of this technology, which changes every minute. An outstanding example of the groundbreaking power of the AI was demonstrated in 2017, when the KI Libratus system defeated and triumphed the world’s top professional players in a Texas Hold’em tournament.

A recent study showed that AI can predict the behavior of a player mathematically.
Fact is that AI systems are already being used in the iGaming industry. For example, there are systems such as Feature Space that seek unusual player behavior to detect and minimize fraud and tampering in various video slot machines.

What brings the future of online gambling in the symbiosis with AI
What can we expect in the coming years? It’s already apparent that AI has become a major tool for both online casinos and gamers and the symbiosis will reach dizzying heights in the coming years.

The tendency to gather and analyze player data is increasing, so casino operators and game developers have a better understanding of the needs of their players. This provides more user experience and can even improve customer service. One more important point: AI could also help with gambling addiction, with smart software identifying and alerting players who are addicted to addiction.

The artificial intelligence can be used smart to improve the fairness and competitiveness of the games. And these are just a few points that would be of great benefit to the whole gambling industry.

We look to the future confidently where KI and the gambling industry will create an upgraded version of gambling for even more fun and games that will make for unforgettable moments.