7 animals that bring good luck worldwide

Almost daily we say “good luck”, “he is a lucky guy” or “wish me luck”; Nevertheless, there are people who do not believe in happiness as such. They think that everything that happens in our daily lives is just coincidental events – and everything else is pure superstition! However, the fact is that there are many different rituals around happiness around the world slot games with free spins no deposit that are often related to animals. It is believed that some animals are lucky – and bring good luck to people. Join us on a journey around the globe and learn about the best-known animal lucky charms from different cultures. Suitcases are already packed? Here we go!

In ancient cultures, rabbits were considered lucky symbols as they were linked to fertility and prosperity. In some parts of northern Europe, toddlers were given white rabbits as a gift to lead a successful and happy life. Go to our website and get online casino ohne einzahlung. Hurry up to go and start winning.

The famous rabbit paw has been around since 600 BC. Chr. As good luck charm. Faith in the rabbit’s paw is spread worldwide – from Europe to China, Africa and even America. Unfortunately we can not offer you a Bunny Paw, but we can definitely make you one of the most popular Bunny Slots – White Rabbit Slot by Big Time Gaming!

Now we introduce the goldfish to you! That he brings luck, that was attributed to the sweet fish 1,000 years ago in China. Because of the beautiful golden yellow color, it symbolizes wealth. In ancient Greece, it was believed that the goldfish provided for a long marriage. This animal is one of the eight sacred symbols of Buddha, which brings fertility, wealth and harmony.

Goldfish can also fulfill wishes when they are caught. Well, you should not underestimate this animal! When it comes to online slots, Yggdrasil Gaming’s Golden Fish Tank Slot can be your lucky charm!

Fertility and Prosperity: Frogs bring good luck worldwide. In China, sculptures in the shape of a toad sitting on coins have a special place in the house. This will provide for blessing and harmony.

Apart from wealth, the frog is also a symbol of fertility and safe travel. Our lucky contribution to this topic? NetEnts famous Super Lucky Frog Slot!

Here is another famous lucky animal: the elephant. Blessed elephants are revered in Asia for their strength and wisdom. In Hinduism, the god Ganesha is depicted with an elephant head and is supposed to bring happiness, love and success to people.

Did you know that the Buddha should have lived as a human – as a white elephant before being born again? For this reason, in Buddhism, the elephants are worshiped so idolatrous. Even pink-colored elephants can bring good luck – in the entertaining Pink Elephants Slot by Thunderkick!

Ah yes, the cats. Not only were they considered sacred in ancient Egypt, cats are signs of happiness in many cultures. Do you know the famous Japanese white cat figure called Maneki Neko? The waving cat is a real lucky charm in Japan and brings the owner a lot of luck.

In Germany, the tricolor cat is considered a messenger of luck, because it is so rare. The most popular is the orange, black and white spotted cat that is supposed to protect the house from fire. So that “no cat is bought in a poke”, try your luck with the Big Win Cat Slot by Play’n GO!

Beetle and ladybugs
Beetles are small, but bring luck: scarab-shaped amulets were very popular in ancient Egypt, as it was believed that the scarabs were associated with the sun god Ra and his divine powers. The scarab was considered a lucky charm because it symbolized life and the resurrection.

Another type of beetle, the ladybug, is said to bring good luck in different countries, but above all in Germany. The red beetle with black dots was named after the holy Maria. Lucky beetles, which are most widespread in Germany, usually have 7 points. The number 7 is considered a lucky number, not only in Germanic mythology. It is also attributed to the ladybug that it heals the sick and protects children. So much luck is in such a small beetle! While we are dealing with the topic of lucky beetles, here is also our Slotvorschlag: Beetle Jewels Slot of iSoftBet.

The most famous lucky charm in the world is the pig. Everyone in Germany knows the saying, “pig!” And means that someone was really lucky. Meanwhile, this phrase is included in the German vocabulary.

In addition, since the Middle Ages pigs have been considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Can you just imagine how many piggy banks there are worldwide? With the lucky pig and a matching slot – NetEnt’s legendary Piggy Riches Slot – we end this blog.

Which animals bring you luck?
Is the ladybird your lucky charm? Or do you tend to white elephants and tricolor cats? No matter which animal has conquered your heart – the main thing it brings you luck!

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