Women have changed the gambling world

Dear ladies, we wish you a wonderful women’s day! International Women’s Day has been celebrated for more than 100 years on 8 March. The focus is on the role of women in society and equal rights. That’s why we want to introduce you to important women who have a great influence on the gambling industry slot games free spins no deposit. Take a cool tour through the history of gambling with us, from a different perspective – impressive women have also changed and conquered the gambling world!

Women and gambling in ancient times
The adventurous history of gambling began about 4,500 years ago in ancient Egypt. In ancient times, dice games were played passionately. Over time, people have always developed new types of gambling to increase the fun. However, not everyone could play. Men and women did not have the same rights in antiquity, even when it came to gambling. In ancient Rome, women were allowed to play only during the women’s festival Bona Dea, while men could play at home and in public whenever they wanted. Go to our website and get online casino ohne einzahlung. Hurry up to go and start winning.

In ancient Rome, women were only allowed to try and play their luck during the women’s festival of Bona Dea, while men could play anytime, anywhere.
Fortunately, the famous Emperor Nero changed this, so women could participate in public gaming and sporting events. Thank the gods!

The infamous Faro ladies
Now we skip for several centuries and visit the 18th century, where in Europe, playing in public was totally unacceptable to aristocratic ladies. While men were allowed to play in the clubs, women who participated in games had to do so in the privacy of their homes. So a group of women became famous who played Faro, once a very popular card game that was banned in many countries. Interestingly, Faro is very similar to the card game My Auntie Aunt.

A group of women who played Faro became very famous because of the popular card game, although Faro was banned in many countries.
The most notorious Faro ladies were Mrs. Albinia Hobart (later Lady Buckinghamshire), Lady Sarah Archer, Mrs. Sturt, Mrs. Concannon and Lady Elizabeth Luttrell.

Poker ladies of the Wild West
Let’s focus a bit on the good old Wild West. If you think of poker rooms in the dusty saloons, you might think of a group of cowboys playing the most popular card game with a poker face – poker.

However, everyday life was totally different: women have played as often as men! Damn, some poker ladies were notorious like the famous Wild West players – Poker Alice, Kitty Leroy, Lottie Deno and Maria Gertrudi’s “Tules” Barceló, just to name a few.

Probably the most popular Wild West player was Poker Alice. Her real name was Alice Ivers and she played all over the West – from New Mexico and Arizona to Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas and South Dakota.

Thanks to Poker Alice’s famous poker face, she often won $ 6,000 in one night!
Poker Alice pulled a lot of male players over the table and thanks to her expressionless face – or poker face – she had an advantage that often made her win up to $ 6,000 in one night. Poker Alice had three husbands, a revolver and her very own saloon! Lonely tip!

Female poker pros
Speaking of poker, 1977 is a milestone for women in gambling history. This year saw the very first Women’s World Cup (WSOP). The most famous and successful female poker player in the world should be mentioned in this post:

• Vanessa Selbst, the only woman to number one in the Global Poker Index.

• Kathy Liebert, who won the first Party Poker Million tournament in 2002.

• Annette Obrestad, the youngest person ever to win a World Series of Poker bracelet (2007 World Series of Poker Europe).

• Vanessa Rousso, aka Lady Maverick, who has been making money as a professional poker player since 2005.

A look into the future: women are changing the gambling industry
The female gambling community is constantly growing, with the percentage of women visiting online casinos increasing year by year. Almost 50% of the players are women! All attention! As far as leading positions in the gambling industry are concerned, there are still not as many women as men, but here are a few names that you should be aware of:

• Patricia Becker, the first female counselor to join the International Association of Gambling Consultants, with over 35 years of gambling experience specializing in complaints and regulatory issues;

• Virginia McDowell, the sole president and CEO of a major gambling company from 2007 until her retirement.

International Happy Women’s Day!
In order to fully enjoy the International Women’s Day, we are ending our journey through gambling history. Hats off to all women!

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